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History and Design

In 1930 Jan Holub – the chief executive, archiepiscopal head forester and governor of archiepiscopal assets for

Moravia – had a family recreational villa built in Celadna, Beskydy. His main residence remained in the town

of Kromeriz. He looked after the villa with utmost care. Gradually, he added a swimming pool, as well as

a greenhouse and a skittle ground. He developed an orchard with fruit trees, a vegetable kitchen garden

and a pond. There was also a small farm nearby and beautiful woods all around.


Jan Holub - generální ředitel


Jan Holub had two daughters. After his death in the beginning of 1942, his elder daughter inherited

the family residence in Kromeriz and the younger daughter received the properties in Celadna. She was

already married to Mr Kornel and had 2 daughters with him. The family lived in Prague and they visited

Celadna during their holidays.


U Holubů - manželé Kornelovi


Karel Kornel was a lawyer. He was also a political and financial advisor of Msgr. Sramek – the exile prime minister

and later the first secretary of the first post war government. They were both arrested in February 1948.

Kornel’s family had been forced to emigrate, they eventually settled in France. All their assets, including

the villa, had been confiscated. Initially, the villa served as a recreational place for highly ranking army officials.

There had been others who frequented the villa but no evidence of their stays can be traced.

Ten years later the building had been bought by MEZ Frenštát. They converted the villa to a hotel

and built the additional building used as the restaurant.


In 1990, according to a new legislative, both Kornel’s daughters filed a restitution claim in order to receive

their pre – 1948 assets. They were unable to claim all of the original land back due to building regulations

which now belonged to the recreational centre. The building of the ‘restaurant’ had to be bought back.

The swimming pool, pond, green house and the small holding had disappeared altogether.


When the sisters received the villa back it was in a poor state of repair. It had been closed for two years

and ramshackle. So what to do with it? Would it be feasible to reconstruct the current dilapidated hostel

(45 beds and only 2 showers!) and turn it into a good hotel? A big, challenging and a long

– term project needing rather a considerable investment.


Gradually, we started to renovate the restaurant and the hotel rooms. We added bathrooms wherever

possible in order to create en-suite rooms and larger suites. We have also landscaped the surrounding

area and built new tennis and volleyball courts. We have renovated the terrace above the restaurant

in order to maximise its key feature – a wonderful view of the mountains.

In 2008 we have started to cooperate with Jan Konecny, an architect, who design the new interior

of the restaurant. His main idea was to connect the clarity and simplicity of nature with a modern

architectural design. In 2010 we added a new winter garden to the restaurant. There is an open fire

in the winter garden, too. We are very happy and proud of this achievement. We have built

something that has completely changed the old, tired pub into a sleek, exclusive restaurant

which will please even the most demanding clients.

The villa itself serves as a hotel and keeps its 1920s feel. Unfortunately, just over 40 years

of the totalitarian regime and a frequent unsuitable use of the villa have left its ‘legacy’. We are

working hard to transform the building so it gains back its original splendour.

The original study of Mr Holub is now the History suite which has kept its 1920s interior entirely.

The room boasts plenty of original features, including the wooden cladding and all the built in furniture.

The room has a wonderful view, modern bathroom suite and is frequently used by the newlyweds.

Another brand new addition to the hotel – Exclusive suite – has its own entrance, is a very spacious

and modern accommodation. The guests will appreciate their private access to the wellness room called

‘Moon room’ which was built in 2009. The design of this suite reflects aspects of our Beskydy nature

and modern architectural design.

All the other rooms have been renovated recently. Each room or suite has its personal design and feel,

they vary in sizes, furniture, furnishings and views. Our aim is to achieve a maximum comfort

and convenience for all our guests.

In 2014 we have built new modern design block to the old villa where you can find 6 new Designblok

rooms with full comfort and trendy design in harmony with nature.

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